What should a resume look like

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The presence of a block with the number of completed orders is a significant plus. YOU should understand that the more the stock exchange has completed orders, the greater the user confidence in it. The presence of a large number of orders also indicates that the authors of the exchange have solid experience. In such a company should contact.

Versatile orders

Even if you are looking for an author to write a master’s thesis, then you should be curious about what other works have been done and are being carried out within the framework of this exchange. The more extensive the list, the better. In the professional exchange should be performed all kinds of WRC, coursework, reports, essays, essays and other student work. It should be noted that such exchanges should not fulfill orders for copyright or rewrite. These are works of a different plan and character, and they are in no way connected with student work.

Note the number of authors and their qualifications

Of course, you should understand which authors are listed on the stock exchange. Surely one of them will fulfill your order. Practically at each exchange the customer is given the opportunity to independently choose the author for his work in accordance with the requirements imposed on the master’s thesis. Before you choose an author, you should be able to familiarize yourself with his personal card. It should indicate the nature of the work performed by the author, how much work he has completed in the framework of this exchange. It would also be nice to see the price tag for the work of this author. So you will initially know what price you pay for work.


All stock exchange information must be open. It is desirable that the site was provided a search form. Through this form you can find everything you need to work on the exchange, ranging from documents, and ending with the authors’ cards.

These are all the criteria by which it is necessary to choose an exchange for ordering master’s theses. Good luck with your choice of stock exchange.